1. Ginny Westervelt

    Nice job Tom. Can’t wait to see everyone.

  2. Part of getting older is dealing with the loss of family and friends, including our 67 classmates. The reason I am putting so much energy in marketing the reunion is that our class was/is very special to me. I was lucky enough to have been a free wheeling screw-off enabling me to have a lot of time to get to know most of you. I also tearfully created a memoriam video of all the classmates we had lost at our 50th reunion. I knew them all and all were very special. I think everyone should embrace this 55th reunion as one of our last chances to get together with our remaining classmates, both the ones in your friend circle and those who you probably should have included amongst your friends. I believe that we have a special class and I look forward to seeing you all before I can’t recognize any of you-thank God for name tags (you’ll get one at the 55th)